About Tranquility 1


 Tranquility 1, is the second studio album by Congolese singer Wendo Musaly . It was released by record label WMM Record on January 30,2020. It features guest appearances by Lumiere Mbilizi, Mr. Oli and Q-Boi.



In 2016, while Wendo Musaly working on his new single, it was announced that his next album would be titled Tranquility 1.The album was completed in 2019, as Wendo Musaly started promoting the album again, Wendo Musaly spoke on how his recording process changed throughout his career, saying: It's hard to stand up when you don't have any leg, but your mind never slept or getting off the thought that you don't have any legs. That mean I will stand up with my two feet and fall my dreams because I can stand. I want to be likeable from the way I sing, because that's I'm going to get people's attention.