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Wendo Musaly, (born as Wendo Mbilizi) is a Congolese Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, and Actor. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Musaly began his career on August 2018, when he first released his first-ever collaboration song (Pourquoi?! Feat. Mr. Oli) And after that, Musaly came up with another two collaboration songs (Give Me That Eh feat. Mr. Oli & Q-Boi) & (Tú'úndané feat. Lumière). Wendo Musaly has released three albums including "Tranquility 1 (2020), The Best of Wendo Musaly (2020), and Tranquility II (2020).

About ME

“I began singing because I couldn’t stop myself from singing.” Seriously, my life is been like a movie show which I seem to be playing the main character.

My name is Wendo Mbilizi, but I am known as “Wendo Musaly”. I was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but when I was two months old the situation in DRC had changed when war took over, my parents thought it was better to save their children which was me and my older sister, then they decided to flee to Tanzania where I grew up. TBH, I have no image or clue of where I was born because when my parents tried to go back to DRC the situation would not allow them to.

In 2016, my family and I moved to the United States where I grew up musically. I fell in love with music ever since I was young but I did not have the guts to do so, but I am now capable of singing and publishing my own songs through music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms. My music career started in 2018 when I released my first ever song called (Pourquoi?! feat. Mr. Oli), this song gave me the passion to do music which I’ve been dreaming of. I sing music in different genres which are “R&B, Pop, Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Afrobeat.   

My only wish is to become a better person and singer to myself and other people who love/like my music. I give respect to fans and musicians including newcomers. I sing mostly for “love” because I think Love has taken a big part in the world of today, and I also sing for lifestyles because I know where I came from but I don’t actually know where is my destination at. I do not sing to offend others but I slightly sing to defend my feelings and what others feel about me. I truly know that the best way I can express my feelings is through music.   

I know I gotta climb mountains to get to my destination and I believe that this long way will definitely get me to the right destination. I’ve dreamed of this and I believe myself I can.  

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Wendo Musaly

Wendo Musaly, Age 23, (born as Wendo Mbilizi, on November 21, 1996) is a Congolese singer-songwriter, and dancer. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Wendo Musaly